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Artist behind

The heart behind the artwork.

What I do

Life's little joys flourish into vibrant feminine illustrations & patterns! Humour's my secret ingredient because laughter (and flowers!) make everything better. I love collaborating on joyful greeting cards, playful fabric designs, or charming stationery & gifts – anywhere my art can add a smile! Life's small moments deserve beautiful celebrations, and that's why I'm passionate about creating art that leaves a lasting impression on hearts and memories.

Why I do it

Seeing my artwork come to life on products and bring joy to someone's home? Pure magic! Collaborating with amazing art directors and witnessing my illustrations on greeting cards, puzzles, and more fills me with an indescribable sense of fulfillment. Knowing my creativity has touched someone's life, made them smile, or sparked a laugh is why I pour my heart into every design. It's a feeling that never gets old, and it fuels my passion to keep creating happy art.

Heading: My Inspirations

Nature's Playground

My creative fuel comes straight from Mother Nature! I'm lucky to live in a place with changing seasons that keep things fresh and exciting. From summer's bursts of colour to fall's cozy vibes, it's like a never-ending source of inspiration for my work.

Dreamy colour palettes

Think tropical sunsets and vibrant meadows – those are the hues that set my soul on fire! I adore palettes that are bold yet whimsical, uplifting and energizing, and they infuse every element of my artwork with a touch of magic.

A little of the everyday

Life's simple joys and hidden humour spark my creative spirit. Dad jokes, witty puns, and the little things that make us smile – these often find their way into my illustrations, reminding us to celebrate the beauty in the ordinary.

Laptop computer on a colorful patterned bedspread in a relaxing home environment.

Collaborations and Features

Licensing Partners & Clients

Sellers Publishing // Felt // Jiggy Puzzles

Features & Interviews

Memberships & Affiliations

Creative Howl, member since 2023 // Freelance Surface Designers, member since 2023 // Illustrators For Hire, member since 2023 // Mimi For Creatives, member since 2023 // Designers For Hire, member since 2022

Illustrator Tawn Moore drawing on a digital tablet. (Close-up portrait)

Let's work together

Are you looking to collaborate on a project or license my artwork? Let's connect! Say hello at hello@tawnart.com.