I'm Tawn Moore

I'm a surface designer and illustrator from Montreal, Canada who specializes in creating artwork for consumer products. You can find my work on a variety of products including but not limited to greeting cards and puzzles.


What I do

I love creating delightfully spirited and uplifting illustrations and patterns for everyday products. All while expressing myself through the use of vibrant colour and playful textures.

Why I do it

I enjoy licensing and collaborating with brands and retailers to see my artwork on products in stores around the world. There's nothing more exciting than knowing my artwork's found a home in someone's life! That never gets old!


The changing of the seasons

My artwork's inspired by the seasons and the lush foliage that can be found while exploring the world around me. I'm fortunate to live in a country that dramatically changes with each passing season. There's always something new to inspire me!

Dreamy colour palettes

Imagine a beautiful tropical sunset by the ocean; those are the colours that spark joy in me. I love brilliant yet dreamy palettes. They invigorate, uplift, but most of all, they inform all of my artwork!

A little of the everyday

I love to include a little bit of the every day into my art. This often consists of a good pun or dad joke, so you'll frequently see this reflected in my illustrations. It's all about the little things in life!


JIGGY Puzzles | Felt

Collaborations & Features



Caring Colouring 2

This colouring book project was an open call to artists by Jehane LTD to create artwork inspired by our oceans and our need to protect them. Her vision was inspired by the Oscar-winning documentary, "My Octopus Teacher" to help raise awareness and funds. A total of 100 artists were chosen to be part of her book and I'm honoured and proud to be among them.


Let's work together

Are you looking to collaborate on a project or license my artwork? I'd love to hear from you. Say hello at hello@tawnart.com.