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Delightfully Modern: Fresh artwork featuring clean lines with a touch of whimsy.
Uplifting Colour: Artwork featuring a colour palette that inspires joy.
Delicate Textures: Artwork with soft and detailed textures.
Feminine Spirit: Artwork with a refined color palette and delicate details.
Spot illustration of whimsical florals and leaves in purple, navy, teal, and green.
Birthday card with donuts, cookies, strawberries, and chocolates. Caption: Have a sweet birthday.
Illustration with seven multicoloured butterflies of various shapes and sizes over a black background.


Looking for fresh, delightful artwork that speaks to your customers' hearts and adds a touch of charm to your products? You've come to the right place! I specialize in creating vibrant, colourful illustrations with a happy, modern feel, perfect for greeting cards, stationery, fabric, and home décor. Whether you love a specific piece in my existing portfolio or need something completely custom, I'm here to help you find the perfect artwork match that resonates with your customers and makes your products shine.

Let’s discuss your art needs and spark some magic!

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License My Art: Enhance your projects with unique artwork!

Art Licensing

Elevate your product line with fresh, ready-to-use artwork! My licensing portfolio is filled with delightful illustrations, patterns, and greeting card designs across a variety of themes. From cheerful florals to playful animals, you'll find the perfect pieces to add a touch of magic and make your products stand out.

Save time and resources – simply browse, license, and let my artwork do the talking for you!

Freelance Illustration: Let's collaborate on your project!

Freelance Illustration

Dream bigger with bespoke illustrations crafted just for you! Does my style spark inspiration for your brand? Whether you have a clear vision or need a creative partner, I'm here to turn your product dreams into reality. Share your brand story, target audience, and design goals, and together we'll craft artwork that's not just stunning, but uniquely tailored to resonate deeply with your customers.

Let's bring your vision to life, one captivating illustration at a time!

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I'm Tawn Moore

A Canadian artist with a passion for sprinkling some joy onto everyday products. From cheerful florals, playful patterns, to charming illustrations, I create fresh delightful artwork that brightens up greeting cards, puzzles, and more!

Close-up: Illustrator Tawn Moore Drawing on Tablet (Light Pink Sweater)
Jiggy Studio by Jiggy Puzzles Logo: Collaboration with Tawn Moore on jigsaw puzzles.
RSVP Logo: Collaboration with Tawn Moore on greeting cards.
Felt App Logo: Collaboration with Tawn Moore on greeting cards.
Illustrator Tawn Moore drawing on a digital tablet. (Close-up portrait)

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