Illustrated Wallpapers for October 2022

Autumn has finally reached us here in Canada. The air is getting crisp and cool. The leaves are slowly changing colours to blanket the ground all around the city. And while Fall isn’t a favourite of mine, I can’t deny how enchanting of a season it truly is.

But just because Autumn isn’t my personal favourite season, doesn’t mean there aren’t some things I look forward to enjoying regardless. Getting to wear my favourite slippers again, enjoying some homemade beef stew, and I can’t forget cozying up with a hot chocolate with a splash of Bailey’s. These are just a few of my favourite Fall things.

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This month's inspiration

So naturally, this month’s wallpapers are wholly inspired by this new season. And I have to admit this is actually my first time illustrating mushrooms - which is October’s theme. I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw some shrooms for a bit now so I’m thrilled to finally have one! (Disclaimer, you don’t actually need an excuse to draw anything you want, that’s just a-me thing!) And seriously they were SOOO damn delightful to create! *Why did it take me so long?!*

For these, I wanted to play with a few different mushroom shapes, and encourage a little whimsy into them. So hints of bright pink, blue and yellow are all splashed throughout each shroom motif. I also couldn’t resist adding my favourite detail of all, hints of subtle colour texture to create a sense of depth and wonder.

Final thoughts

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