Illustrated Wallpaper for August 2022

This month’s wallpapers have a modern groovy vibe going on! I took inspiration from the current trends I’m seeing pretty much everywhere I look. You know that 70’s retro vibe I’m talking about? I thought why not make my very own version of this trend for my wallpapers this month!?

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This month's inspiration

For this set, I wanted to stay away from using the typical classic warm retro colours we usually associate with this look, like oranges and reds. Instead, I opted to go with cooler pastels, like purples, blues, and mint. Which is just so damn refreshing! I added a touch of graininess over those beautifully happy colours to give it a subtle modern twist. To top it off, the font I used just compliments that groovy retro vibe.

I created this abstract design in Procreate using the Liquid filter to get the look I wanted to achieve. And if you’ve never attempted this technique before, I’d suggest trying it out because it was pretty fun to play around with.

Final thoughts

Not gonna lie, I’ve been sporting both the mobile and desktop versions on my devices for the past week, and they are soooo pretty! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have been!

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