Commission Info

NEW! Portrait Commissions

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to start taking Portrait Commissions. There are three portrait options you can choose.


Portrait Commission Options & Prices*


$10 – with a white background  OR a simple coloured background


$15 – with a white background OR a simple coloured background


*Please note that all prices are for digital work only. All prices are in Canadian dollars.
**View more samples of each portrait option here.


Here’s what you will get

All artwork will be created at no less than 300 DPI and made to fit an 11” x 17” sheet of paper, unless otherwise stated.

You will be sent a PNG of the final image ready for printing.



I accept payment through PayPal and DeviantART Points only.

I will only start a commission once half the payment is received.***

*** Commissions $50 and under must be paid in full before starting the image.


How to get started – FAQ

How do I commission you?

If you wish to get a portrait commission from me, please send me a note (on DeviantART) or e-mail me ( with the subject line “Commission”.

If you would like to pay me with DeviantART Points, please contact me here using DeviantART’s Commission system.

What information do you need?

When you first email me, please mention what you would like in as much detail as possible. Include either attachments, or links to at least 2 photographs of the subject you wish to portray, or if the subject is one of your OC’s (original character’s) or a fanart, please provide reference images.

It is possible I am not familiar with the person or character in question, so providing me with as much information and description as possible in order to ensure the essence of the subject is essential.

Example: physical appearance, personality, interests, favorites, etc…

What happens next?

If I accept your commission request, I will quote you the price based on what you have requested.

Once you’ve accepted my quote and sent me the first half*** of your payment as well as links to whatever reference material you have, you will be queued to a list of commissioners (this information remains private to maintain anonymity for my commissioners, however I may inform you of your position in the queue if requested).

The starting of the initial sketch initiates the working process for your commission. Though I will more than likely present you with the initial sketch as soon as possible, the final image will only be completed once I have finished all other commissioners queued before you.

Priority is first come, first served, unless someone has a specified time frame. Then that person has priority.

*** Commissions $50 and under must be paid in full before starting the image.

Will I see a Work-In-Progress before I receive the final image?

Yes. You will be shown the portrait for approval at two different intervals.

Initial Sketch – Which won’t be in any way pretty. The initial sketch will give you an idea of the pose I wish to use, the general  facial expression, as well as the colour scheme I plan on using.

Low-Resolution Final Image – I will send you a low resolution of the final commission for approval. Once accepted, you will be required to complete your payment (unless you’ve already paid in full).

I will not show you the portrait after the initial sketch until it is fully completed. The reason for this is because incomplete artwork is exactly that, incomplete. It is hard to make changes when you don’t know where the artist is going with the final outlook and how many times an artist will rework certain areas.

Once final payment is received, I will send you the full resolution image.

How long until I receive the final image?

Please note that unless specified, I do not work on a time line.

The main reason for this is because timing is dependent on how many commissions I have as well as how busy my life is.

If however, you need your commission completed for a specific due date, because it is a gift for an occasion, please make sure to specify this when you first contact me.

Please be mindful that a minimum of 2 weeks will be required for any commission, anything less, I will not accept the commission.

Will I be able to print my commission?

Yes. You will receive an 11” x 17” PNG with a resolution of 300 DPI.

What if I want a larger print size?

No problem, please make sure to specify this when you first contact me, and I will quote you accordingly.

Can I post my commission on social media?

Yes. You have the right to post your commission anywhere you want as long as you do not remove or crop out my signature. Linking back to either my website ( or DeviantART account, would be most appreciated, but not required!


Terms and Conditions

When you choose to commission me, you agree to the following:

  1. To pay upfront at least half of the commission price (must be paid in full if quote is $50 or less). Should you reconsider your commission after it has been started and wish to terminate our agreement, this half will not be reimbursed. If you have already paid in full and wish to cancel after the initial sketch phase, you will be reimbursed half of the paid price.
  2. To provide as much information as possible so that I, as the artist, can create what you are looking for.
  3. Not to redistribute or sell any of the artwork commissioned in any way where you or a second hand party will make a profit from the artwork.


Copyright Notice

I maintain all rights to all the artwork that I create, but you are allowed to use your commissioned piece in any way you wish as long as it is for non-profit.

What this means is that you may use and minimally modify the artwork for purposes such as posting on Instagram, but that you cannot sell prints or any other form of merchandise using the artwork, nor can you sell the rights to the work to someone else.

Please note that your commissioned portrait will be displayed on my DeviantART account,, and on my social media accounts.

I will not sell prints or any other form of merchandise using your commissioned portrait.

I reserve the right to use your commission for personal promotional purposes.

What are your thoughts?

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