About Me

Profile Pic © 2014 Tonya M.
Tonya M. / Digital Artist.

Currently working for an e-commerce solutions company as a Web Designer.

The intent of this blog is to upload most of what I create, whether it be works-in-progress, sketches, doodles, or completed art.

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About Me

I am Tawn of tawnart.com, a digital artist pursuing a life in art!

I am in my early 30’s, located in Canada. By day I am a web/graphic designer, and by night I am an amateur digital artist (digital painter). I have 2 art degrees (college diploma and continuing ed university certificates). My dream is to have the ability to do what I love (digital painting) full time.


tawnart.com © 2014, Tonya M.

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The images shown in the ‘Inspirational Spotlight’ section are copyright to their respective owners and should not be used without properly crediting the authors.

Copyright tawnart.com © 2014, Tonya M. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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